November 1, 2022

TOP USA Cities For Multifamily Apartments Investing in 2022-2023

Investing in multifamily homes in desirable locations results in reduced vacancy rates and higher rent growth. Here are the best cities for multifamily...

TOP USA Cities For Multifamily Apartments Investing in 2022-2023

TOP USA Cities For Multifamily Apartment Investing in 2022-2023

There are several benefits to owning multifamily residences. These assets produce income and can withstand economic downturns. There will always be a need for housing, yet certain places are preferable to others. Early on in their careers, real estate investors discover the importance of location in predicting future profits and appreciation.

 investing in a rental property can allow investors to gain passive income and employment levels

Investing in multifamily homes in desirable locations eventually results in reduced vacancy rates and higher rent growth. We'll discuss the best cities, motivations to invest, and characteristics of ideal locations for multifamily buildings.

Multifamily Property Investment

Multifamily homes can generate income and increase in value. Single-family houses offer the same benefits, but multifamily investments seem to be more sustainable. Instead of looking for ten single-family investment properties, you could acquire a building with ten apartments. Since all of the work is done at one location, employing a property manager will also save you money.

As you focus on larger complexes, the scaling element of multifamily investing becomes increasingly important. Some landlords and equity companies buy multifamily properties with more than 100 apartments. Through multifamily investment, investors may identify opportunities in the American housing market and get a lot of exposure. They can profit from stronger rental demand thanks to this exposure. Multifamily homes and other real estate investments can offer a number of tax benefits to protect your cash flow.

What Makes a City Ideal for Multifamily Investing?

Investors concentrate on the numbers while homeowners search for the perfect house for their requirements. They learn about amazing places through multifamily real estate investing thanks to their attentiveness. We've listed several characteristics that the top metropolises have in common.

Job Market Growth

Even though people may appreciate a city, they only stay if they can seek employment there. Once they have a job, people tend to stick with it and don't consider moving until they retire or change careers. A new population and more employment indicate the city will continue to expand sustainably.

Cities with high populations and ongoing employment losses may experience an increase in crime. People still have to earn a living, and when they are jobless, some turn to thievery and other nefarious activities. Cities with a lot of opportunities for newcomers frequently have lower rates of unemployment and violence.

multifamily markets are affected by the job growth in the area

Growth in Population

Demand and supply control the economy. Investors are aided by expanding cities in keeping occupancy rates close to 100%. Everybody needs accommodation, yet cities are at capacity for new construction. Demand for each unit rises as a result of population expansion, providing investors greater freedom to boost rent costs in the future.

Activity for Development

Building new structures is one way that developers enhance a city. A new park, business complex, or another facility might be built by the city to improve its appeal. More individuals are drawn to attractive cities. Future population expansion and the creation of new employment can both result from development activities.

Rent Charges

Investors can assess a property's profit margin using current rent pricing. Rent increases by certain multifamily property owners may be not aggressive enough, which could provide a fantastic opportunity for a new landlord. Investors should keep an eye on changes in the historical rent price. Robust population and employment growth during the last five years, together with steady rent rises, point to continued expansion in the coming years.

Best Cities for Multifamily Investing

Here are some of the best cities for multifamily investing.

multifamily market's investment growth can depend on the rent prices in the area as well as the population growth

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia, is another fantastic location to invest in housing units. Smart investors are aware of the tremendous demand for homes in this area. It is fueled by a healthy population increase of over 14% during the previous ten years. At the moment, Atlanta is a significant hub for profitable REI operations.

This bustling metropolis provides a highly lucrative multifamily investing market due to the continued expansion of both the population and the number of jobs. Atlanta is increasingly regarded as a city with outstanding long-term real estate investment potential. Many real estate investing gurus rate this city highly as the best place to invest in multi-unit properties.

Houston, Texas

Houston, with its seven million population, has several lucrative apartment investment prospects. Houston is the fifth largest metropolitan region in Texas, and it is home to 53 Fortune 1000 firms. This city's population growth is happening at a rate that is more than twice as fast as that of many other American cities.

In Houston, there are many attractive work options, including one in ten jobs in the geology or oil engineering fields. The cost of living in this metropolitan area is also lower than in certain other significant American cities, such as New York or Los Angeles. Investors in multifamily properties are drawn to Houston's bustling real estate market.

performing multifamily markets are under the radar of seasoned real estate investors

Orange County, California

Businesses in Orange County are rapidly rehiring workers, which is helping to maintain interest in multifamily housing high. The metro region, which includes significant cities like Newport, Huntington Beach, and Irvine, is immediately south of Los Angeles and has a population of over 3.2 million.

The asking rent has grown by over 5.5% year over year to $2,075 per month and the occupancy rate has crept up to 3.8%. Cap rates have decreased to a median of 3.8%, and the median unit sale price in Orange County for the year to date is $351,200. This indicates that investor interest in multifamily real estate is still robust.

Tampa, Florida

The best places to invest in real estate for 2022 are in Tampa, Florida. With a community of more than 4 million, Tampa, Florida, is not just a stunning metropolitan area as well as one of the best-known tourist attractions in the country. This area, which was recently designated one of the trendiest multifamily marketplaces, offers a variety of economic and development options. Competition for entry-level single-family homes is quite high in Tampa. The area's median home price is $251,287.

Tampa's property market is continually improving; prices are low, and house values stand a high chance of increasing dramatically over the coming several years. In the past year, home values have climbed by 5.3 percent. Less than two months' worth of inventory is available overall in the Tampa metropolitan region, which is a decrease of around 21.4% from the previous year. One of the primary reasons for rising home prices is that a balanced market has 5.5 months' worth of inventory available. A seller's market is defined as anything with below 5.5 months’ of available inventory.

Dallas real estate market remains among the best performing multifamily markets

Dallas, Texas

Investors may now choose from a huge selection of houses in Dallas, Texas. Currently, rental rates are exorbitant when compared to the cost of homes. As a result, multifamily property investors should consider investing in this city. Occupancy rates are reasonably stable and high due to the number of rental units and tenants.

Dallas features a diverse corporate environment and economy, thus investing in apartments there offers lucrative options. 340 people relocate to Dallas-Fort Worth every day from a range of areas. These immigrants are looking for less expensive homes, which Dallas provides.

However, during the last four years, rental rates have risen by 14%. Due to this, the city is a burgeoning market for investment in multi-unit properties. Rentable properties can undoubtedly bring in money here. Up to 20,000 new houses and apartments are anticipated to become available in the Dallas metro region in the near future.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a desirable market when compared to the chronic housing undersupply due to the much above-average increase in the prime renter age group. Charlotte was ranked fifth (out of 50 markets) for prime-renter increase over the previous 20 years. In addition to the population increase in the city, household formation percentages are also rising.

The market's expanding financial services sector, together with Charlotte's affordable living and operating costs, are luring (younger) inhabitants. Even while the number of multifamily units being built is growing, there is still a significant shortage in the upscale suburbs where rent increases are outpacing supply. Concerning comparable high-growth areas like Atlanta, and Nashville, Charlotte's relative multifamily accessibility compares well.

multifamily properties offer an attractive profit with multifamily effective rent growth rates

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix has a good mix of solid demographics, a steady job environment, and a fair risk-reward ratio. Before COVID, the number of quality renters was already rising quickly, and this trend will continue long into the projection period in the metro area—both in terms of absolute figures and as a percentage of the entire population.

High momentum and minimal volatility are characteristics of employment growth. Phoenix's real estate fundamentals were among the strongest in our top 50 cities during the most recent economic expansion, leading the pack in rent growth handily. Due to this strength, NOI increased significantly, and cash flow volatility was far lower than the long-term norm for Phoenix.

Multifamily Property Market Review

Currently, the US real estate market is a seller's market, with annual price hikes reaching all-time highs and inventory levels continuing to drop. In 2022, if you're looking to buy a new house, be prepared for a bidding war since it's a seller's market. To decide where to invest your funds in 2022 if you're a property investor, you'll need to look at the data. Prospective homebuyers are paying more for houses than ever before due to the epidemic, with remote workers, demanding more lavish dwellings, driving the market.

Massive gains in demand are occurring throughout many regions of the nation, which is pushing up housing costs faster than inflation. As a result, a lot of homes have increased in price. All of these factors are encouraging more people to rent a property instead of buying one or to continue in their tenancy longer than they initially originally intended. This has helped the single-family marketplace, which is ready for investment opportunities in 2022.

Rental property rent prices in multifamily markets seem to be booming

Multifamily Property Market Remains Strong

Nationwide multifamily vacancy rates are at historic highs, and rents have increased significantly in several apartment markets throughout the nation. RealPage reports that effective asking rents nationwide have grown by 8.3%, the most since 2010. The need for multifamily projects is anticipated to be strong in 2022, even if rent increases may not be as strong in the future.

Boise, Tucson, Salt Lake City and Phoenix are a few of the multifamily cities expected to thrive best between 2022 and 2023, with a 12% or higher predicted rent increase. On the other hand, between now and 2023, rents are expected to increase by little more than 6% in Northeast areas like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harford.


Today, a popular option for profitable long-term investment potential is multifamily real estate. You may create a strong REI portfolio of lucrative apartment buildings by carrying out some simple due research to identify the best investing markets and opportunities in the greatest city areas throughout the U.S.

You should concentrate on the most profitable structures and complexes and take the time to properly examine the top multi-unit marketplaces and individual properties. Before making an investment in these properties, always take into account your personal financial condition.

A multifamily property investor is signing on a transaction sales price

You may choose your perfect multifamily buildings in the greatest locations by being aware of your financial abilities and limitations, which will help you become a very successful multi-unit real estate investor. The potential for REI success for astute, knowledgeable, and pragmatic pilots is limitless.

The world's wealthiest individuals have accumulated their wealth in a variety of methods, but many of them share a trait in that real estate has become a significant part of their investment strategy. Among the methods used by the ultra-wealthy to accumulate wealth, real estate exceeds every other technique three to one. You can use multifamily buildings as a stepping stone to increase your wealth more quickly!

Contact us right now if you'd like to invest just like the richest people in the world!

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