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What we do

QC Capital is a privately held commercial real estate firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina with a history of success in the acquisition, repositioning, and management of complex commercial real estate projects throughout the United States.

Our mission is to provide superior service to a wide range of investors from large financial institutions and family offices to high net worth individuals. Through an active ownership model focused on risk mitigation and strategic value creation,  QC Capital strives to deliver outsized returns via the acquisition and optimization of niche-leading assets.

Asset Identification

Our approach begins by identifying assets that possess upside potential located in strategic markets with strong growth fundamentals.

Financial Underwriting

Next, our team runs each asset's historical financials through a rigorous underwriting process to identify all strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Risk Analysis

Once the underwriting process is complete and a strategy is created, the business plan is meticulously review by our investment committee to identify each of the risks associated with the project.

Return Analysis

Finally, our investment committee uses a list of key metrics to determine the investment's overall return potential. We use this return analysis together with the risk profile created in the previous step to determine the true quality of each investment.


Chris Salerno is an entrepreneur and investment manager with a history of success in building and rebuilding profitable businesses. Before creating QC Capital, Mr. Salerno found early success in the residential brokerage space where he successfully transacted over $40 million in sales and helped lead the #1 real estate team in the Carolinas to produce more than $140mm in annual volume.

Mr. Salerno founded QC Capital in 2019 and has since acquired over 500 Multi-Family units totaling over $200mm in value. As CEO, Mr. Salerno oversees all business operations and is responsible for the firm's overall direction and strategy .

Named to Charlotte’s 30 under 30, Elite 50, Elite 50 entrepreneurs, 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, and nominated for Forbes 30 under 30, Mr. Salerno Salerno has quickly gained recognition, and notoriety for his hard work, and dedication.


QC Capital was founded in Charlotte NC by Chris Salerno. Since 2019, the growth of our firm across the commercial real estate asset landscape has expanded our ability to provide practical and diverse solutions to our limited partners.


Why Real Estate?

Multifamily has served as a primary wealth driver for many generations. Apartments have historically been purchased by large institutional investors, but in recent years high net worth professionals have begun acquiring apartments individually or through private investing groups.

Many financial advisors advocate for a diversified portfolio with at least a small portion of their holdings allocated to real estate. Multifamily helps investors diversify these portfolios and spreads risk across multiple units. When factoring in future demand, cash flow, appreciation, value-add opportunities, and tax benefits, it’s easy to see why multifamily is a popular investment alternative.


Real estate is less volatile than, and has historically outperformed many other investment vehicles including the S&P 500.

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Tenants provide monthly rent payments which pay for expenses and provide cash flow to owners.

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Real estate takes advantage of a tax benefit in the form of depreciation which provides higher profits for investors.

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Our firm utilizes strong debt products as leverage to produce high returns and mitigate risk via exit flexibility.

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Debt service is paid down through tenant payments increasing equity gained during the investment period.

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Assets acquired at a strong cost basis in markets with limited supply, and proven population growth provide reliable opportunities for price appreciation.

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We are actively expanding our portfolio throughout the United States. Currently our investment focus is in a few key states. Click the invest with us button below to learn more about our market & investment strategy.

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Raleigh | Durham, NC
Charlotte, NC
Greenville, SC
Charleston, SC
Orlando, FL
Dallas, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Greensboro, NC
Winston Salem, NC
Atlanta, GA
And More...
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All Over the USA

We are consistently in active negotiations regarding properties across the USA. We pride ourselves on our diligence and integrity when targeting and researching these assets to ensure quality and confidence when investing with QC Capital.



QC Capital's executive team is composed of seasoned real estate executives
with over $4 billion of combined private equity experience.