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Finding time to invest as a healthcare, lawyer, CPA or other high earning trade professional is difficult. As someone with over a million dollars in net worth (not including your primary residence) or who has made +$200,000 consecutively over the last two years ($300,000 for married couples filing jointly) you are known as an “accredited investor”, which provides you access to reliable investment opportunities that 85% of others do not.

In an economic climate that is changing at a faster pace than ever, it’s almost impossible to find the time to invest your hard earned income in ways to shield it from inflation, taxes and a looming economic downturn. If you own any stocks like Netflix (NFLX) you know you can lose as much as 35% of your investment overnight due to a poor earnings report. 

Looking back to the last great inflationary period (1965-1982), real estate was found to be the go to choice for accredited investors and funds alike looking to safeguard their cash from the eroding value inflation causes. However, It’s not just any real estate opportunities that will provide the protection you are looking for, it’s stabilized core and core plus multifamily assets. Unlike other commercial real estate sectors that have long term lease agreements at fixed rents, multifamily investments uniquely provide the economies of scale with the flexibility to renew rents at higher premiums in order to outpace inflation. In addition, core and core plus opportunities provide stable returns in market downturns compared to other multifamily type opportunities like value add. 

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Become An Investing Partner