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Charlotte Based Real Estate Investment Firm Expands Footprint Into San Antonio, TX

QC Capital, a privately held real estate investment firm based out of Charlotte, NC recently closed on its most recent acquisition in San Antonio, TX. The Palazzo, a 92 unit core plus multifamily asset located in the heart of San Antonio, was closed on March 18th. The Palazzo acquisition is a welcomed addition to the firm’s portfolio and track record of +1000 units responsible for +$200 million of assets acquired since its formation in 2019 and continues to add to the firm's top notch reputation.

The firm's focus has always been on larger properties in the southeast United States since inception but has shifted from value add opportunities to core and core plus assets in the best locations that can provide reliable cash flow and similar returns as value add opportunities while minimizing risks to investors capital. The firm's CEO, Chris Salerno, stated “as the interest rates continue to rise, increasing a property's largest expense, the mortgage payment, our stable opportunities help our investing partners to protect their capital from inflation and provide superior returns relative to other opportunities available”.

If you are an accredited investor located in Charlotte, NC interested in learning more about QC Capital’s investment opportunities to invest, you can schedule a face to face meeting or schedule a call with a member of the QC investor relations team here.

Chris Salerno

Chris believes investing in real estate is the best building block for financial freedom. He is a firm believer in affirmations exemplified by notes personally placed around every corner, which serve as a constant reminder that every day is special and that his life is purposeful!

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