QC Capital Car Wash Fund I

We are pleased to announce our new investment offering, QC Car Wash Fund I. This fund aims to acquire and develop a network of soft touch automated car washes throughout the Charlotte MSA. QC Capital will brand these washes AquaShine Express Car Wash. We will be utilizing cutting edge Express Tunnel wash systems which offers exhaustive features to satisfied all customer needs.









Express Tunnel Wash System

System Features

Soft Touch & Touchless Options
Tire Shiner
Tri-Color Foam For Visual Appeal
Fragranced Soaps
Innovative Design
Cutting Edge Technology
Reclaim Water System
Individual Vacuum Stations
Signature Wash Material
Conveyor Belt Technology
Investment Summary

Project Details

$2m - $6m Acquisition All In Price
3 Month Turn Key Build Time
.05 - 2 Acre Lot Size
$2 Average Price Per Wash
4 Year Hold Period
Class A Preferred Return - 10%
Class A Return At Refinance - 5%
Class B Preferred Return - 12%
Class B Return At Refinance - 8%
Car Wash Statistics

Quick Facts

66% of car owners in the U.S. wash their vehicles 1-2x a month.
2B+ Cars are washed by car washes in North America every year.
$14.7B Was brought in from the professional car wash in 2022.
3.1% Anticipated compound annual growth rate form 2022 to 2030.
40-60% Profit margin for car wash facilities.
77% Of Americans consider environmental impacts when purchasing products.
14% Of car wash consumers have memberships.
13 Car washer per year on average for Americans.
Financial Info

Debt Financing

Principal Balance - $2m - $6m
Loan To Value - 50 - 60%
Lender - Private Bank
Amortization Period - 25 Years
5 Year Term
Fixed Rate
Interest Rate - 6.25% - 8.25%
Become An Investor

Accredited, Passive Investors Welcome

This offering is a SEC Reg D 506(c) and is open to accredited investors only. An accredited investor has either a net worth of $1 million, not including their primary residence, OR an annual income of $200,000 (or $300,000 if married) for the last two years and you have a reasonable expectation that it will continue.
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