Chris Salerno

Chris believes investing in real estate is the best building block for financial freedom. He is a firm believer in affirmations exemplified by notes personally placed around every corner, which serve as a constant reminder that every day is special and that his life is purposeful!

apartment complex with a pool during a sunset
March 21, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

Are you looking to grow your wealth while building a diverse portfolio? Think about multifamily syndications then!
February 17, 2021

Cushman & Wakefield arranges $13.75 million sale on behalf of ATS Investments and Cedar Grove Partners

Cushman & Wakefield announced that the commercial real estate services firm has arranged the sale of Lions Gate.
September 16, 2022

Invest For Success - Self-Directed IRA's

Give yourself the freedom to control your investments and maximize the potential wealth of your IRA.
February 10, 2022

Why Is The Concept Of Investing In A Syndication Is A Grand Slam?

A successful syndication is a combination of a great deal, quantified by numbers, and a great team.
April 12, 2021

Agency Lending vs. Bridge Debt - Differences

Whether you are an investor needing fast cash, refinance a property, or purchase a new one, loans are a necessity.
November 8, 2022

How to Be a Real Estate Investor Without Being a Landlord

Everyone knows landlords buy a property with one goal: to make big profits. So, the debate between landlord vs. real estate investor is still common.
December 9, 2022

EB-5 Visa - US Immigrant Investor Program

Successful candidates have to invest at least $500,000 in new businesses that are expected to be in operation before December 29 1990.
General Information
November 1, 2022

TOP USA Cities For Multifamily Apartments Investing in 2022-2023

Investing in multifamily homes in desirable locations results in reduced vacancy rates and higher rent growth. Here are the best cities for multifamily...
General Information
October 20, 2022

What is an Acquisition Fee in Real Estate?

An acquisition fee refers to fees paid when purchasing a property. Here's everything you need to know about acquisition fees in commercial real estate deals
General Information
October 20, 2022

How Invested Capital in Real Estate Can Maximize Your Wealth

What is invested capital? What are the uses of invested capital? If you don’t know, it’s time to act. Consult an invested capital real estate expert today.
General Information
September 19, 2022

Top 10 Markets To Watch For Multifamily Housing in 2021

Outlook on real estate investment, development trends, & capital markets for multifamily real estate investing in 2021
Real Estate
September 1, 2022

Benefits of Investing in Class A

With location stability, debt term flexibility, & asset demands, Class A assets provide investors a recipe for growth.
May 11, 2022

Charlotte Based Real Estate Investment Firm Expands Footprint Into San Antonio, TX

QC Capital recently closed on its most recent acquisition in San Antonio, TX. The Palazzo, a 92 unit core plus asset.
Company Updates
October 7, 2022

6 Key Trends in Multifamily Housing Investing 2022

Multifamily real estate investments are on the rise! Here are the top 6 multifamily trends to keep an eye on!
Real Estate
September 16, 2022

Are You An Accredited Investor? Here is how you find out.

Bulletin to educate individual investors about what it means to be an “accredited investor.”
General Information
October 31, 2022

How to Get the BEST Preferred Return in Real Estate Today

Improve your preferred return in real estate for massive wealth creation. With leading assets comes a leading return in real estate. Consult the experts today.
Real Estate
December 15, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Build to Rent Homes

In a number of states, renting became a much preferred choice than buying or renting a home.
Real Estate