Nicholas Abraham

As a primary point of contact for QC Capital, Mr. Abraham focuses on optimizing communications to ensure smooth and informative experiences for our partners.

apartment complex with a pool during a sunset
September 16, 2022

The Power Of Economies Of Scale During Times Of Inflation

Apartments with +100 units create an economy of scale that can help to mitigate a passive investor's risk due to the...
June 1, 2022

Why Heavy Value Add Opportunities Are No longer An Option

Passive investors are running far, far away from value-add deals & has provided fantastic returns to passive investors.
General Information
June 30, 2022

Charlotte CRE Firm Looks to Capitalize on Fundamental Shift

Q2 of this year we’ve seen a major shift in lending requirements resulting in significantly lower debt proceeds
Company Updates
June 30, 2022

What is a 1031 Exchange?

As a real estate investor you can take advantage of a 1031 exchange. Let’s break this down into a digestible example.
Real Estate
September 16, 2022

Cap Rates and 10 Year Treasury Bonds

General Information
September 19, 2022

What are Absorption Rates Used for in Multifamily Real Estate?

When trying to measure the level of demand in a rental market, real estate professionals use absorption metrics.
General Information
September 29, 2022

Why Loan Assumptions Make Sense as Rates Continue to Soar

In a rising interest rate environment, properties with marginally lower interest rates and longer amortization terms...
Real Estate
October 20, 2022

Cash on Cash Return: Everything You Need to Know

Cash on cash return in real estate is a yardstick used by real estate investors to evaluate returns on cash invested on an investment over a given period.
General Information